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Although Canaan Disability Home seeks public support,
we are proactive in making the community a better place.

The following projects are how we make the community a better place!

after school program
     After the flood of August 8, 2009, the president of Canaan Disability Home (CDH), TuMaMa, issued an order to help families affected by the flood. The initial motive was to provide a clean environment where the children from less fortunate families can study after school. The children that we focused were from families that could not even afford to attend the after school programs offered by elementary schools.

      Interestingly, the school children totally exceeded our expectations. Unlike most children or siblings we are familiar with, all the kids came from families in poverty or near poverty or single-parent. As a result, many of the children's words were foul and dirty. Other than helping the children with homework, CDH placed a lot of effort in adjusting the children's etiquette. The first rule is no foul language when in Canaan. Over time, we proved that SINCERE CARING evolves childern. Once they started behaving like cultured children, volunteers from the university nearby taught the students English, Arts, and Music.

     Because the classes are held in CDH, our staff educated them about the types of disability, and with frequent interaction with the disabled and elderly created new friendships. These are the children connected by fate to Canaan and we attempt to lessen the gap between these children and others from regular functioning families.

While many organizations held charity bazaar to raise money by auctioning donated goods, the orgnaizational culture at CDH is Resource Sharing.

Whenever we have surplus in goods, we are progressive is seeking disadvantaged minorities in need of help.

When donors give us fruit, is it right to sell it and compete with local fruit vendors?

When temples give us rice, is it right to sell at 75% discount and let the rice vendors repackage it to sell for a mass profit?

CDH derived its culture from the spirt of the bible John6:11 "Jesus took the loaves and the fish, gave thanks, and distributed to thosewho were seated as much as they wanted."

Whenever we have a surplus of rice, instead of selling US$4000 worth of rice at US$1000, we repackage the rice into 2 pound of rice per bag and distribute to elementry school children from low-income families. In Neipu county, there are about 1000 of these children.

Even though we need funding for the NEST expansion project, we insist in doing the Right Thing!

When we share our resources to lessen the burden of low-income families,
we create a better, safer community for everyone.

     As a part of our community service, the nurses of Canaan Disability Home will select various elementary schools in rural areas of Pingtung to educate them about health and dental care. We like to thank the Dental Association of Pingtung to provide free toothbrush for the school children.

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