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Quality ServicesQuality Services
     Providing quality in long-term care is a true challenge, especially with limited resources. Our 24 hours care services range from standard daily care, rehabilitation, health assessment, and disease prevention.

     For residents that are severely physically disabled, several actions are performed to keep patients clean and to prevent bedsores. Nurses need to reposition the residents frequently and change their incontinence pads every two hours. The nurses pat the residents' backs to assist them in spitting every two hours and feed them every four hours. Every two days, the nurses help the residents to take a bath. If the residents have emergency needs, the nurses will send them to the hospital at once.

     For residents that are moderately physically or mentally disabled, the focus on service to directed towards life training for real world survival. Our nurses assess the condition (types of disability X severeness of disability X age) of each disabled and assign them to their appropriate care section. As a non-profit organization with the highest level of professional integrity, Canaan does not assess the disabled based on their resources, as we will honor our mission at all costs.

     What we realized over the years is that most disability homes (educational and nursing home) do not serve disableds over 40 years old. If you have a 40 year old disabled child, then how old would you be? Are you capable of caring for aging disabled? If they can not find another home to place their disabled children, then it is not unusally to commit family suicide or murder.

     Due to this reality, the importance of Canaan Disability Home emerges.

Case: Iris and Ben

Iris and Ben

Iris and Ben are disabled children from single-mom low-income family of the Paywan Tribe from Lai-Yi, Pingdong County. Mom has independently raised these two severaly disabled childen. In 2010 she went to the hospital to check on her abdominal pains and was diagonosed in the final stage of Pancreatic cancer(definition).

However, the only panic mom had was, "what will happen to my children when I am gone?"

The local pastor, Shen, urgently assisted mom in finding a new home for Iris & Ben, but the answers she received was, "no vacancy", "we don't accept those over 40 years old", and "can you bring them here for evaluation?" Mom was agonized thinking how can she take two disabled adults to the disability home under her poor health condition via motorcycle. Shen and mom prayed to the Lord daily, and not long they received a phone call from the director of Canaan Disability Home arranging a suitable time for him to go up to the mountains to evaluate the children.

One week later, the government placed the children at CDH under social welfare subsidy, and mom accepted chemotherapy but left this world 3 months later. However, because of CDH's progressive love, mom "rested in peace" knowing that her children are now under the care of a loving home.

Without a doubt that Ben could wander around fine in the village where he grew up, but at CDH, he has been bumping into people and walking into walls. After examination, we discovered that he is blind! This was a disability overlooked by doctors when he was exanimed for diability qualifications.

     These are two of many examples of how Canaan Disability Home realize its mission of safeguarding the dignity of the improvished and the disabled.

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