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Caring for the severely disabled sufferes in poverty
Igniting the light to brigthen the less fortunate folks' lives.

Title: Caregiver sings to extremely severe disabled [Liberty Time 2014/07/08]

Originally a singer in the church choir, Betty Hsieh, joined CDH last year, to take care of people with disabilities in disability home. Every morning Betty will sing church gospels to the extremely severe disabled at their beds.  

Betty said extremely severe disabled daze at the ceiling all day. Using the power of gospels, these residents felt the attention, felt cared for, her songs shine on their souls.

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Title: Disabilty Family from New Taipei County, Only Canaan take in [China Times 2014/05/19]

In April 2014, a 32 year old woman called to ask about long term care for the disabled. It turns out in a family of four, the woman who called is the only non-disabled member.

The location she lives is 430km (267 miles) from CDH. She claimed that she has been rejected by numerous organizations as no one is willing to evaluate their conditions, or they only want to take in her bother and sister, but not the mother.

One week later, the director took a 6 hour bus ride overnight to Taipei, and borrowed a car from a friend and drove another 90 minutes to their home deep in the mountains. After 30 minutes of observation and interaction, we agreed to take care of her disabled family.

Director Michael Tu commented, " Every disabled homes say they have lots of love for taking care of the disabled; however, many institutions do not want to care for older disabled because of the medical-related expenses associated with caring aging disabled. Canaan is willing to take the extra distance in helping those who truly needs help. Thanks to social welfare, this girl regained her freedom as we lifted the burden of caring for 3 disabled family members."

In mid-May, mom and the brother are happy campers at CDH. The sister with mental disability is currently living at home to accompany her grandmother.

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Established Computer Lab for Temple's After-School Program

     Q: What does Canaan Disability Home do with surplus in goods donations?
     A: We transfer our surplus to those in need!!! :)

    In July 2010, CDH donated 10 desktop computers and 1 laptop to "DE-SHU TEMPLE"
and established a computer lab for their after-school program.

For "Temple Computer Lab" news coverage in Chinese, please link here.
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