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     In 1994, Tu Wang Hsiu Jen (Tu MaMa) could not find a suitable nursing home for her mother; thus, for the sake of giving her mother first-class long term care, Canaan Elderly Care Home was established. Over time, Tu MaMa witnessed many families near the poverty line that took two to three jobs just so they could gather sufficient funds to situate their beloved family member in a quality care institution.  The reoccurring behaviors from these good sons and daughters of different families deeply touched Tu MaMa's hearts. Thus, in 2008, Canaan Disability Home (CDH) was established to specifically provide long term care services for severely physically and mentally disabled sufferers in poverty.

Located in the rural countryside of Neipu Village, Pingtung, Taiwan, Canaan Disability Home (CDH) is registered as a non-profit social welfare organization with the Social Affairs Department of the Pingtung County Government (Taiwan).  The current capacity of CDH is 57beds.

The Social Affairs Department subsidizes up to USD 700(NTD 21,000) a month for each disabled registered as impoverished suffer.  The subsidies are based upon the level of disability, and the personal poverty level.  Regardless of the amount of subsidy received, the Social Affairs Department expects CDH to be accountable for all welfare of the disabled residents -- including, food, housing, care, medical supplies, hospitalization costs, etc.

Proudly, the CDH Care Team is well recognized by various public departments of the Pingtung County Government as being the highly experienced long-term care services group in the Pingtung area.  Within the first 18 months of establishment, the CDH reached, and has since maintained, an occupancy rate of over 90%.  Since March 2012, over 92% of the disabled residents are under government subsidization for disables from impoverished suffering families.


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